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The world is changing at a breakneck pace, and a global revolution in science and Technology is unavoidable. Pollution and radiation levels are rising as a result of this death-or-glory race. Radiation has infiltrated every nook and cranny. As a result, there is no way to rule out the likelihood of irreversible radiation damage to persons and the environment. There has never been a greater need for radiation safety and protection.

People are exposed to radiation from a variety of natural and man-made sources in their daily lives. The strategies and means by which people, other living things, and the environment are safeguarded from the harmful effects of ionising radiation exposure are referred to as radiation protection.

INRAD is one of the leading provider of radiation safety services around the world. In all elements of radiation protection and characterization of radioactive materials, we provide support, consulting, and knowledge.

Our highly qualified, dedicated, and professional team works in a various sectors, delivering a wide range of radiation safety and advisory services including monitoring/surveying, radiation protection guidance, inventory control, and source management.

INRAD offers the life sciences and healthcare industries a wide range of waste management, environmental, health, and safety services. Our skilled employees are customer-focused and dedicated to developing tailored solutions to match client requirements.

INRAD provides a worldwide under single roof solutions model that eliminates the need for several service providers, resulting in improved service, value, and liability control. We have a cost-effective solution for the Organizations, if they are handling with hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials, or biological agents in life sciences research, development, production, distribution, or medical care. Contact INRAD's environmental health and safety unit now to see how we can earn your trust and business!

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